Fhacktions is a cyberpunk location-based team battle mobile game, set in a not so distant future ruled by factions of hackers.

Fhacktions is a MOBA for iOS and Android. Players are hackers in the game and use avatars to battle in virtual arenas and take over servers located in real places around the globe. These places can be shops or public spaces.

The world of Fhacktions and the avatars' level are persistent, so the player will be a little more powerful in every battle, everything is in constant evolution. Players can create or join factions to play in cohesive teams and conquer the world.

To gain control of a server, players must physically go to that server's location. The team who previously conquered that same server must defend it in battle, without necessarily being physically present to do so. They can defend it from wherever they are at the moment of the attack.

There are different kinds of avatars to use, each one customizable aesthetically and with several abilities to choose from. The player battles with a subset of those skills (limited by the avatar’s level). So one must choose them wisely, depending on the enemies and the rest of the team, combining them strategically to defeat the enemies. The game requires team-play, strategy, and planning skills.

Battles are short (around 5 minutes). Quick battles and private battles are also available (with no physical mobilization involved).