Fhacktions is a free location based MOBA where you are a member of a faction of hackers in a dystopic world. You and your teammates will battle using your virtual avatars and try to conquer servers around the whole world, attacking them in their real locations. To do that you will face your enemies in real-time online battles up to 5 vs 5. To defend your servers from attacking factions, you will be able to do it from anywhere. Strategy, skill, and teamwork will be rewarded with power and global domination.




Conquest Mode

In Conquest Mode you will visit places in the real world, attacking the servers located there, and battling their owners, in real time. In this mode the hackers can get into the servers anytime, in a continual battle that ends when the attackers get the 5 defensive towers or the defenders kill all the trespassers. In this mode the avatars don’t respawn once they are killed, so the survival strategy is the key.

The winners will hold the server, receiving Computing Power (CP) and VirtCoins for the time being. The Computing Power is needed to use abilities in high levels, and the VirtCoins are useful to upgrade your avatars. The defeated party will end with their avatars damaged.

Quick Battle

In Quick Battle, two teams will confront in up to 5 vs 5 battles. The objective is to conquer the five turrets in the map, preventing the rivals to do the same. When an avatar is killed, it will respawn after certain time, which will increase with each death.

Create or Join a Faction

Factions share the spoils of victory with their members, and are needed to defend the ever-growing hacker empires from enemy attacks. Without a faction, your survival chances are minimum.

Persistent and ever evolving world

The world of Fhacktions is modified by the actions of every hacker living in it. Servers and balance of power change quickly among factions, and survival is a challenge. The avatar’s levels are permanent, so each new battle will grow you a little stronger.

The Black Market

In the Black Market you will be able to buy new skins for your avatars, and software to upgrade them.

Different avatars with multiple skills

Fhacktions has one main difference with traditional MOBAs. You have some avatars to choose from, but each one has tens of skills at their disposal. The hacker will decide which abilities are the best for each battle, depending on the strategy and teammates, so two avatars are never the same. The amount of abilities an avatar can bring to a battle depend on the level of the avatar and the Computing Power available.

Customize your avatar

Each avatar has hundreds of armor pieces that can be combined to change their aspect, so each one looks unique.