For those of you who seek Servers to hack, you are in the right page. This is your guide to the Conquest mode. There are a few stuff you need to know about this to play this mode:

  1. You have to go to the determined points to hack the servers.
  2. Every server has certain amounts of points (Virtcoins and power).
  3. There are different types of servers. Some give away more points than others.
  4. Once your faction hacks the server, you can defend it from anywhere.
  5. If your server is under attack, you will be notified. Any member of your faction may defend the server.
  6. The more servers your factions hacks, the more points (Computer Power and Virtcoins) you will all get.
  7. Work strategically as a team as you enter battles. Appropriate avatars can help you win.


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