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In the near future, large transnational corporations control all means of production, using artificial intelligence, machines and robots to replace human labor, increasing the division between rich and poor.
Through The Net, an evolution of the old internet, all information and goods are managed digitally.

A group of hackers called AHAR destroys The Net, leaving the entire production power inoperative and chaos ensues. The servers fall into the hands of the people, who must manage them and control the means of production, management and delivery of goods and services in order to survive.

In the world of Fhacktions, you’re a hacker in charge of your own destiny


Explore the real world and conquer servers that are strategically placed around your town. When you attack a server, you must gain control of 5 defensive towers. Then the server is yours.
If the server belongs to another faction or player, you must first kill all the defenders. Avatars that die in a conquest battle don’t respawn, so plan a strategy!


The winners take control of the server and receive CP (computing power) and Virtcoins. You need CP to use your skills at higher levels and Virtcoins are used to buy customizations for your avatars.
Once you take control of a server, you can defend it remotely from the comfort of your home.


Factions share the spoils of victory with their members, and are needed to defend the ever-growing hacker empires from enemy attacks.

Invite your friends and help each other survive!


Gain experience and levels for your avatars. Two teams face each other in epic battles of 5v5.
The team who first captures the 5 turrets placed around the arena is victorious. If your avatar dies during the fight, it gains a respawn cooldown which increases each time it dies.


Wield powerful weapons that strike from afar with a GUNNER, strike deadly melee blows with a STRIKER or use defensive technology with a FIXER to heal your teammates. Use your CP (Computing Power) to choose from over a dozen abilities and add more of them to your arsenal. You decide which avatar to use depending on the fight, your strategy and your teammates.


Choose from hundreds of armor combinations and change the appearance of your avatar, giving it a unique look.

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